Monday, June 22, 2015

More than Racing - Friends and Adventures

I just have to say, mountain bike racing is the coolest sport in the world!  Going fast on trails is super fun.  The trails we get to explore are in a lot of the most beautiful places in the world.  Physically it's straight up tough, and it takes world class fitness to reach the elite level.  Best of all, the majority of people that mountain bike are really interesting, good people!

I'm fortunate enough to be pretty good at cycling which has lead to some amazing experiences and opportunities in life.  At the same time trying to be fast leads me to get caught up on my workouts and results, losing sight of how blessed I am just to be able to ride.  Every single one of us who can afford a nice bike, has good health, and can go enjoy some nice trails are far more fortunate than most people in the world.  Don't take it for granted, enjoy your next ride!

Last weekend I raced the Kenda Cup series finals in Big Bear.  I had an average race at best but it was still really nice to see so many friends and the great community that cycling has.  Yeah racing is about trying to ride better than other people.  At the same time I think it's even more about getting to have cool experiences with other people and make some great friends.

Now I'm on a flight to the Italian Dolomites to race a 55mi loop around some awesome mountain range.  Foreign country, mountain passes, hundreds of the fastest riders in the world - adventure on!

A big thank you to Stage21 for all of their support and Cytosport for keeping me fueled! 

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