Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sella Ronda Hero - Marathon World Championships Preview

The Dolomites are amazing!  It's hard to describe how awesome these mountains are so here are some photos for you.  The course will be a huge challenge with 15,000ft of climbing in 54 miles.  I was able to do a really solid ride yesterday and one of the longest downhills today. The climbing is really steep in some places and there is some pretty good descending.  There are also some fast gravel road downhills as expected for a big marathon race in Europe.  There is a lot of excitement for the event in the surrounding towns and Saturday will be a special day.

There's not much coverage on the US cycling sites, but here's one race preview - Marathon World Champs

The US has 2 other riders here who are both top 10 contenders - Leah Davidson and Howard Grotts.  I'm hoping they both have amazing rides tomorrow.

Some live coverage and results will be here - Sella Ronda Hero

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